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March 25 2015

Martin Farms News Letter


Hello everyone!!!



  • This is something new I will be doing three or four times a year to keep you in touch with our farm better. I will let you know new and upcoming things coming to our farm and families. Well let’s get started!


  • This winter Clay, Wyatt, Dalton, and I have been getting everything ready for spring work in our shop. Wyatt is in Fargo for school going for diesel mechanic and on the weekends he helps us when he is not fishing. Mom and dad have just returned from Florida. Dad thinks there is no snow so we should be rock picking. He has had too much sun. Katlyn and I are having another kid it will be here in the end of August.


  • This winter our farm was on the cover of the Minnesota Farm Guide paper! There was an article on us and our shop. I am working on a web site for the farm it is The web site will have the newsletter, pictures, Minnesota Farm Guide article, and you bet the weather will be on there!  As of now there will be no new bins or building going up this summer, but the three silos will be coming down hopefully.


  • As you might know or not the commodity prices have went down some the last few year which will bring some challenges as will other thing such as Mother Nature, and input cost. That is why Paul Harvey said “God made a farmer” for the unpredictable ways of farming. We will always find a way through tough times.


  • I hope you enjoyed this newsletter and the ones yet to come. I will be seeing you soon. I hope the spring goes good and everyone BE SAFE!!!


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